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Rathayatra in Ba Town on 23 June 2012 with Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Pictures and video of Saturday's (17-Dec,2011) Shri JaganNatha Rathayatra in Lautoka City. The Rathayatra started from the Iskcon Lautoka Shri Krishna aliya Temple and went throught the town starteing at 10.30am. The rathayatra went in front of the Court, PostOffice, and then ANZ Bank, infront of Lautoka Hotel, MH, market, Fakirbhai and then to the main road (Naviti Street). Devotees performed sankirtan, danced and distributed prasadam along the way.

Shri Jagannatha Rathayatra went through Nausori town on Saturday 22nd October pulled by devotees from the ISKCON Suva Shri Radha Golokbihari Temple. This is part of the Rathayatra festival during the most auspicious month of Kartik.

On Saturday 15 October, ISKCON Shri Krishna Kaliya Temple and Gaudiya Math devotees from Lautoka along with devotees from Radha Golok Bihari Suva Temple took the Shri Jagannatha Rathayatra through Ba Town as part of the Rathayatra festival through all towns in the west. Rathyatra continues in Nausori town next week Saturday (22nd Oct.). Please read more.


The Shri Krishna Kaliya Temple in Lautoka organised the Rathyatra festival in all towns in the Western side of Viti Levu. On Saturday, 17th September the Rathayatra went through Tavua town, where devotees from Lautoka, Suva, Rakiraki and Nadi pulled the cart starting from Tavua College and through Tavua town, ending at the Shri Vrajmandal Dham; the Hare Krishna Centre in Tavua town. There, the Hare Krishna devotees attended arati and took prasadam. Rathayatra continues in Rakiraki in October. Please contact organisers - Shri Krishna Kaliya ISKCON Lautoka Temple on 6664112 to get details and confirm your participance. Devotees could also contact Shri Radha Golokbihari temple in Suva on 331-8441. Also there is a DVD (containing a 40 min. video and pictures) of the the Rathayatra. Please contact Lautoka Temple or email kirtanmandalis @ gmail . com or call 9147746 to place your order. To learn more about the benefits of participating in Rathyatra, please read more.


    Please see attached flyer for dates of the Jaganatha Rathyatra in all towns in the West, including Tavua, RakiRaki, Ba, Nadi and Lautoka. Organised by ISKCON Lautoka (Sri  Krishna Kaliya Temple). For details or any information, contact Temple on 6664112.   


Hare Krsna Hibiscus Float, August 27, 2011. Pictures Courtesy of Gokula Bandhu Das, ISKCON Radha Golok Bihari Temple Suva.

Pictures from the Ratha Yatra held in Lautoka City Sugar Festival on the 30th July 2011.