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Beautiful Seminars in Hindi

Krishna Lila at Prince Charles Park Nadi by Vrindavan Charkula Group. The night started with dance, followed with play of the Krishna-Sudama Lila, the Mor Lila (where Shri Krishna becomes a mor to please Radharani) and ended with arati of Shri Radha and Krishna.

Pictures from Second and Final day of performance by Vrindavan CharKula Ram Lila group at Suva Civic Auditorium. Final day performances were on Shri Krishna Lila which included various pastimes of Shri Krishna Lila; the Makhan Chor lila, Shri Krishna playing with Radharani by becoming a mor,and Raslila. Involved in the preparation were members from the Shree Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji Nabua branch members and Shree Vishnu Ramayan Bhajan Faag Mandali (Dimbulu, Narere) members.

Pictures from Day 3 of Ram Lila at Field Forty Lautoka by Vrindavan Ram Lila group. Day 2 was cancelled due to bad weather. Day 3 covered Shri Sita Syayamber, Shri Ram breaking the Shiv dhanush, Shri Ram's marriage to Maata Sita, Vanwaas, and the yudh with Raavan.

Pictures from Day 1 of Ram Lila at Field Forty Lautoka by Vrindavan Ram Lila group. Day 1 covered Raavan's domination, Lord Rama's birth and meeting of Lord Rama and Maata Sita.

Vrindavan Ram Lila Group will be performing at Field 40 Temple Grounds from Sunday 13th to Tuesday 15th November.

A 25 member group of dances and entertainers will be brought over to Fiji by the Indian High Commission and Indin Cultural Centre, in conjunction with the Shri Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji. The group, led by Sanjay Sharma will arrive on November 12th. Performances will be staged at Lautoka, Ba, Suva, Nausori, Nadi and Labasa for atleast two weeks before returning to India on November 28th. All shows are free of charge. (Fiji Sun 1st Nov.)