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During the Jhulan-yatra period, from a cultural perspective all daughters go to their father's house to stay there for some days and enjoy the swing festival - a custom celebrated even to this day.

Every year Srimati Radharani used to go to Varshana to her parents' house to be with her gopi friends and Krishna. Please Read more.

Once Radharani was waiting for her brother Sridam to come and take her to her father’s house. She was waiting and waiting but there was no sign of Sridam and She was sad. One day a person from Varshana came there. She told the man to ask her father, "Why have they forgotten Me?" The person went to Varshana and told Vrishabhanu Maharaja about the condition of his daughter. Hearing this, he immediately sent Sridam to Varshana to fetch Radharani.

Radharani's mother, Kirtida packed many presents for Radharani’s mother in law, Jotila to send with Sridam, knowing that if she did not do this, Jotila, being harsh of character might not send Srimati Radharani to Varshana.

Meanwhile, day and night Srimati Radharani was staring at the road coming from Varshana. When She finally saw Sridam arriving at the front gate they embraced each other. Initially,  Jotila refused to let Srimati Radharani go. "No, She has so much work to do here, She cannot go." Then Sridam gave Jotila all the presents given by Kirtida ma. Seeing this, she said, "Alright, she can go, but only for a few days.


Radha Rani's home

Then Srimati Radharani and Sridam went on a cart pulled by four bullocks to Varshana. Seeing the palace of her parents on the hilltop, feeling great happiness Radharani started weeping and even more when She saw Her father and mother face to face. At that time Jhulan-yatra had already started and Srimati Radharani started swinging with Her gopi friends but She was not satisfied without Krishna being there. Knowing this, Krishna sometimes came in disguise to the palace. Sometimes He dressed as a gopi selling bangles or beautiful garlands. Or He appeared in any other form and made an appointment for Them to meet each other somewhere in the forest.

We are grateful for this article which is taken from the following website: http://www.harekrishnablog.com/index.php/festival-a-reports/66-festivals/1109-jhulan-yatra-pastime-.html