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Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song Mama Mana Mandire”. This Official Name for this song is in the Temple of My Heart. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has offered devotion, love, flower garlands, and sandalwood to Krishna the lord who is so humble and magnanimous. Tears keeps on flowing from his eyes due to separation from Shree Krishna. Hence by glorifying and singing Kirtans of Krsna he will always remember the Lord who lifted Govardhan Hill.

Krishna, Mama Mana Mandire

(refrain) mama mana mandire raha nisi-din
krishna murari sri krishna murari
bhakti priti mala candan
tumi nio he nio cita-nandan
jivana marana tava puja nivedan
sundara he mana-hari
eso nanda-kumar ar nanda-kumar
habe prema-pradipe arati tomar
nayana jamuna jhare anibar
tomara virahe giridhari
bandana gane tava bajuk jivana
krishna murari sri krishna murari
(refrain) Please abide in the temple of my heart both day and night, O Krishna Murari, O Sri Krishna Murari!
1) Devotion, love, flower garlands, and sandalwood—please accept, O please accept them, Delighter of the Heart!
2) In life or in death I worship You with these offerings, Beautiful One, O Enchanter of the Heart!
3) Come, Son of Nanda, and then O Son of Nanda I will offer Your arati ceremony with the lamplight of my love.
4) The waters of the Yamuna river cascade incessantly from my eyes in Your separation, O Holder of Govardhana Hill!
5) May I pass my life absorbed only in songs of Your praise, O Krishna Murari, Sri Krishna Murari!